Sunday, September 25, 2011

GOD Knew The Plan....

Most of you know that God has led us to adopt another daughter from China. The process requires MOUNTAINS of paperwork, legal documents, background checks from local and Federal Agencies, fingerprinting – even though our fingerprints have not changed since the last 3 sets of them we paid for, and your life gone through with a fine tooth comb by our government, a foreign government, and Social Workers.
We do not know yet which child God has chosen for us, however I am confident that thanks to social networking most of you will know within 30 minutes of the time that we know who Willow is chosen to be. The entire process for the special needs adoption program takes approximately a year to the time that we would travel to China to bring our daughter to be home. There is substantial expense to the process, Nicole and I were looking for ways to raise additional funds to help us cover these expenses which almost all are paid before you travel to China. God had a plan that started with Janet Jones, Letsa Parker, Meredith Pyott and Nicole.

God knew the plan, God heard the prayers, God knew the people involved. WEEKS ago God set His plan into motion. God knew the purpose, God moved his people, God knows the outcome. GOD…gets results. His incredible blessings on ALL of us….are obvious when we open our eyes To his grace.
Our family would like to THANK each and every one of you for your prayers, your support, your love, your kindness, your donations and your participation in the phenomenal success of our Fundraiser for Willow Yard Sale. We could NOT have had better volunteers, better merchandise, better buyers, better weather, a better Church home, or better results.
Yesterday, thanks to Brother Danny allowing us to use the Church facility and each one of you, we raised a total of $1,566.51 to Bring our daughter Willow home……………..THANK YOU!

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